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04-13-2007, 08:39 PM
The votes are in, and Barack Obama is MoveOn members' top choice to lead the country out of Iraq, with John Edwards a close second (see full results below).

At the Virtual Town Hall meeting Obama said, "The hard truth is there's no military solution...It's time to end this war." Edwards declared, "Congress...must not write George Bush another blank check without a timeline for withdrawal. Period."

Ensuring that Obama or Edwards—or another progressive—wins the presidency will be a huge fight, and we have to start today: We're launching Victory 2008, an ambitious drive to win the White House. We'll build strength in key neighborhoods, create cutting-edge tools for volunteers, and design the most sophisticated voter turnout effort progressives have ever run.

Why start now? With the candidates focused on each other for the next 10 months, we need to lay the groundwork for victory against the Republicans. Starting early will give us a critical leg up by allowing us to:

Advance progressive issues in the presidential primaries;
Train volunteers to counter Republicans' messages through local media;
Find neighborhood leaders to form the backbone of a massive voter turnout effort;
Create new high-tech tools to connect volunteers directly with swing voters and people who might not vote without a reminder;
Show targeted TV advertisements in swing districts;
Run the most advanced progressive voter turnout and persuasion program ever.

Now, here are the full results from the Virtual Town Hall vote (remember, this does not imply a MoveOn endorsement):

Sen. Barack Obama 28% www.BarackObama.com
Sen. John Edwards 25% www.JohnEdwards.com
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 17% www.Kucinich.us
Gov. Bill Richardson 12% www.RichardsonForPresident.com
Sen. Hillary Clinton 11% www.HillaryClinton.com
Sen. Joe Biden 6% www.JoeBiden.com
Sen. Chris Dodd 1% www.ChrisDodd.com

These candidates' views differed in quite a few areas, but they all rejected President Bush's plan and agreed that it's time to start bringing the troops home. Imagine what it would mean to have an anti-war candidate in the White House. Think about it.

P.S. MoveOn members who watched the Town Hall at one of the parties voted differently from those who did not. Here are how the folks who attended the event ranked their choices:

Sen. John Edwards
Gov. Bill Richardson
Sen. Barack Obama 19%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Sen. Joe Biden
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Sen. Chris Dodd

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04-14-2007, 01:38 PM
Bush just wants to keep it going so he can drop it in the lap of the next President.