View Full Version : Party Of Treason, Defeatism, And Anti-American Rhetoric

02-16-2007, 03:38 PM
Party Of Treason, Defeatism, And Anti-American Rhetoric

You liberal Democrats and the elected traitors youíve put in office are no less dangerous to this country and our troops than the Muslim whackos that want us dead. Weíve been waiting for your plan to win and the only thing you can come up with is a plan for successful defeat. You cringe every time someone questions your patriotism or support of our military. Fast forward to John Murtha (what a disgrace to the uniform) who is seeking to restrain reinforcements for our military in Iraq or any future action against Iran. The only remaining allies of the terrorists who donít recognize that this will succeed are you Democrats. Iíll bet me calling you the terroristís allies infuriates you. Why?

Let me ask you liberal, anti-American, radical Muslim lovers to explain something for me. If you didnít really support our troops, didnít care about the troopís moral, didnít believe we could win, or should win, wanted to heckle the Commander-and-Chief from the sidelines, and wanted to humiliate him and this country, what would you do differently than what you are doing now? Itís a simple question. I mean if you think what youíre doing now is patriotic, supports our troops, instills a winning attitude in our troops, and is in the best interest of a free and great country, what would do differently to be unpatriotic, unsupportive of our military, and anti-American?