View Full Version : Nice night on Wed AND tonights picks

06-12-2003, 06:49 PM
Quick recap: Going 7-0 for the night

Houst -120 - Win
Minn -180 - Win
Atl - +105 - Win
Mets +105 - Win
Flor -140 - Win
Stl/Bos (o)9.5 - Win
Cleve -155 - Win

TONIGHT I like the following:

Pitt +135
Suppan to get a lot of offensive support from his boys vs Hendrickson who gets hit badly by every team!

KC -150
Another huge pitching mismatch here and the Royals at home should light up their own scoreboard while the low scoring boys from ARZ should not.

STL/BOS (O)11.5
AGAIN! A lot of runs to get I know but the two pitchers combined ERA's last 3 games is over 17! STL has played over 7-1 last 8. Wakefield pitched over 6-1 last 7. AND BOST has played over 15-1 last 17 games! (a push in there). OVER AGAIN TONIGHT

CLEVE -135
One of the better pitchers going for Cleve vs light hitting Pads and Peavy has been wrecked his last 4 starts and can't seem to win on the road. Good start for him first month and that's been it! Indians on a hot roll at home to continue for the sweep.

MINN -165
Believe it or not Rodgers has pitched well against the Rockies (same core players) prior to the trade out of the NL. Rocks bad on the road and Oliver almost hapless as a roadie will not be helped by the Metrodome confines. Twins to take the series.

D-RAYS -120 - This is a bet against "Dumpster" and the rest of the Reds pitching staff tonight more than a bet for the Drays. Gonzalaz for TB is the real deal and future star pitcher. TB has already hit most of the Reds staff and will get one win out of the seriers tonight. Reds normally a great money machine on the road but should drop one tonight.


06-12-2003, 06:59 PM
Make sure to add on S.F. +120:

Giants should outhit CWS in a hitters battle between two very good pitchers in Reuter and Colon.! CWS offense is in the proverbial tank.......Good Luck again!! GoldV