View Full Version : Latest on Wayne Root and his Company GWIN

09-07-2006, 03:34 PM
I wonder how many naive people believe this horseshit. My understanding from the GWIN chatboard is that Root is in real trouble and being investigated by the Feds and State of Nevada for a variety of offenses.
Anyone who would invest anything in this sinking turd shouldn't be investing;the symbol should probably be changed from gwni to tita(as in Titanic)

GWIN, Inc. (OCTBB:GWNI) announced today that the company has terminated the non-binding letter of intent to merge with National Sports Services. The Company intends to focus its capital and resources on the international expansion of GWIN's core business.

GWIN President and COO Doug Miller commented, "We have spent the last several months restructuring and refocusing the Company, and developing a plan for the generation of new revenues for GWIN through increased utilization of our valuable Company owned database. We believe we can generate better value for GWIN shareholders without the massive dilution that would have occurred upon the prospective merger. We are excited about the prospects for the new season, and look forward to an exciting launch of our new business plan."

09-10-2006, 01:13 AM
Wayne had a "fantastic" day Saturday and "has the books on their knees" going 0-4 with losers on New Mexico St., Arizona, Northern Illinois and a No Limit(to the amount you can lose) play on South Carolina.
With all of the legal trouble he is said to be in, at this point he should be thinking more about what the word "backdoor" means behind bars as opposed to the term "backdoor cover" with gambling.
Only someone with an iq under 50 and/or someone born yesterday would be interested in his plays other than for fading purposes.
He was rated a "D" last year in football by my book which rates the services and is well on his way to "surpassing" that grade with a F this year.