View Full Version : Tonights Action 6-0 Last 2 days!

08-04-2006, 03:49 PM
Well we continue to roll and we are approaching the NFL preseason where we simpily do not lose. We have been studying the NFL and College Football season since a Month ago and are ready to go. This Sunday Night Eagles V.S Raiders we will have a Big Play going to start off the preseason. We have read about every game situation in this game and have a big release. Preseason is no joke the last year we have had clients start off with as little as $100 -200 for preseason thinking they want to start small to see how it goes and at end of preseason they bankroll was over 3,000. We just started to release game of year plays in preseason about 5 years ago and they are a perfect 7-0. If you want this football season to be great and win alot of money then get on board with us we will show you the way. Well know back to baseball where we are doing what we do and that is just WIN. We are not like other services too playing high favorites. we play small favs or underdogs and we get the jobe done. If you had been betting our plays last 2 days just 100 dollars a piece you would be up $735 dollars just off a $100.
Wed.. Phillies - 1.5 + 140 Winner 16-8!
Astros + 115 Winner 7-1!
Dodgers - 105 Winner 3-0!
Rangers + 130 Winner 7-6!
Indians/Sox Over 9.5 Winner 7-6!
Indians + 150 Winner 7-6!

Tonights Card

Bluejays - 1.5 + 130
Tor/Sox Over 9.5
Rockies - 105

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