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  1. *** Happy Birthday jcindaville ***
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  3. A's push Raiders start time to 11:35 p.m. ET
  4. Thursday IN GAME ---> NFL, MLB, NHL, CFB!!!!!!!
  5. MMA Match
  6. Nascar KYB vs Brad
  7. Was there a plane crash???
  8. breaking: Big LAD Pitching Change, Kershaw for Nolasco
  9. Wacha Has Another No Hitter Going!
  10. Happy Birthday Kaptain
  11. FOX's Jay Glazer reports the Falcons "fear" Julio Jones will miss the rest of the sea
  12. Football at Bristol Motor Speedway
  13. Ad's son in critical condition in SD hospital
  14. Phil Jr vs Hanley Ramirez
  15. Is Dwight Howard the biggest Bitch to play any professional sport?
  16. Anyone listen to Ferrell on the bench radio show?
  17. WS: Cardinals vs Red Sox
  18. NFL week 7
  19. Ca$hMoney from another site
  20. What is a POD?
  21. Props to Udog ...
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  26. Guys has anyone else had luck with a bet called The Torture Bet
  27. Record sale prices for Game 6 tix at Fenway
  28. Congrats to Red Sox Nation(Wayne)
  29. Where's Monte?
  30. Somebody help ***Tha Fix***
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  33. A.L. Manager of the Year
  34. Weather for Bears/Ravens Game
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  36. where o where is the BUM??
  37. fantasy question
  38. Anyone like Atlanta today?
  39. Sad Story for PGA Golfer Jason Day
  40. Why no penalty on the last play of the Pats game.
  41. OU suspensions for Kansas State game
  42. Foot Locker's Week Of Greatness 2013: All Is Right
  43. NBA info for tonight
  44. Source: Tigers agree to deal Fielder for Kinsler
  45. Thursday night football
  46. ***College Football Weiners 11/23***
  47. Apology to Kaptain
  48. Baylor/Pickens State
  49. Goldendomer
  50. *** Happy Birthday Udog ***
  51. Wisc v Minn
  52. Browns vs Steelers
  53. Las Vegas Sportsbook Question
  54. Wizards v Lakers
  55. Card from yesterday 18-3 best day yet!
  56. Driver Survived This 200 MPH Rollover Crash
  57. Alabama/Auburn Finish!?!?!?
  58. Witness: Shooting over Alabama loss
  59. Source: Nationals acquire Doug Fister from Tigers
  60. Can Anybody Beat the Seahawks?
  61. Source: Jacoby Ellsbury, Yanks agree
  62. Marlins add Saltalamacchia
  63. Thunder/Blazers 12/4/13
  64. Happy Birthday Bigjimt
  65. Sunday Weather Forecast
  66. Cano to Seattle
  67. Granderson to Mets
  68. World Cup: U.S. in Group of Death
  69. Beard is back: Napoli, Boston agree to deal
  70. Source: Beltran to Yanks for 3 years, $45M
  71. Anyone having trouble with seeing the advanced posting look inside for the fix
  72. Congrats Tha Fix and Auburn
  73. Auburn fan to hedge bet on 500-to-1 odds
  74. Happy Birthday DBURGH and longnex
  75. San Diego Wins the Super Bowl
  76. AFC/NFC overs are now 46-14-1 this season
  77. 20 highest-valued College Footbal Programs
  78. Can anyone remember College Bowl Cheat Sheet?
  79. UPDATED Injury Report Ohio U/E Car
  80. Monday 12/23 Beef O'Brady Bowl
  81. I want to Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  82. 12-24 Oreg St/Boise St INJURY REPORT
  83. Merry Christmas to Everyone at BC
  84. Thursday 12-25 Injury/Suspension Report/Bowl Games
  85. 12/27 Injury/Suspension Reports CFB Bowl Games
  86. NFL: Teams that need to win and why
  87. Did anyone else see Anderson Silva's Leg
  88. Happy Birthday The Game
  89. Great Wild Card Fact
  90. 11 Straight Unders in Bowl Games
  91. NEW YEARS DAY CFB Injury/Suspension update
  92. -Ice Bowl II
  93. coaching mistake
  94. BCS Championship Game Trends/Results
  95. -Divisional Round Facts and Information
  96. A-Rod's suspension reduced to 162 games
  97. Very Strong Trend in Play for the AFC Title Game
  98. Early Super Bowl Lines
  99. Arkansas v Kentucky
  100. Great betting opportunity
  101. New Jersey Loosing Money with Online Gambling
  102. Bilicheat crying over Welker hit on Talib, Brady playing hurt?
  103. Source: Yanks land Tanaka with $155M deal
  104. Players want Peterson in Super Bowl
  105. Sherman climbs list of best-selling jerseys
  106. *** Happy Birthday None ***
  107. Bad beat..
  108. new rules for the Pro Bowl.
  109. Happy Birthday meaiken
  110. looking for a bet tracking spreadsheet! can anyone help please?
  111. Books win big on Seahawks' Super Bowl, take hit on safety prop
  112. Store loses $7M with Seahawks' win
  113. Sochi Olympics = Absolute fuckin MESS!!!!!!
  114. Come Play Some Fantasy Golf 2014 With Moondog
  115. Major Play on NCAAB Total
  116. Marcus "Not so" Smart
  117. Cleveland Clowns
  118. Derek Jeter Announces He Will Retire After 2014 Season
  119. A.J. Burnett Leaves Pirates for the Phillies along with getting $16 million
  120. FoxTrax Or That Stupid Glowing Puck
  121. Darren Sharper charged with rape
  122. Happy Birthday griffey_mojo
  123. For my curiosity...
  124. Report: Ravens' Ray Rice arrested
  125. Dillon on Daytona 500 pole in No. 3
  126. Dempster says he will not play this season
  127. Amber Alert for Tha Fix
  128. Thursday (No Play)
  129. Free fantasy baseball league on yahoo.won 4 out of last 5 years
  130. Hot teams
  131. Kurt "I got beat by Dale Jr' Busch Winless Streak
  132. NFL = “Nonprofit Football League?”
  133. Who Will Be the 1st Pick in the NFL Draft?
  134. UCLA suspends Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson for Oregon game
  135. A good reason not to bet on hoops. Waiting for baseball/football.
  136. Jadeveon Clowney "I should be the number 1 Pick in the NFL Draft"
  137. Is Everyone Right about Johnny Manziel?
  138. MLB Reg Season Wins: FOOD FOR THOUGHT
  139. Jeff Gordon makes this guy shit his pants
  140. Tiger Woods withdraws at Honda
  141. Opinions on Baseball
  142. Former Boxing Champion Antonio Tarver Arrested
  143. Man Sues Casino Over Loosing $500k on The Super Bowl
  144. PreSeason Baseball ?
  145. NFL Free Agent Tracker/Signings
  146. Happy Birthday FB Coach13 and LuckyLuch
  147. March Madness Discussion
  148. i guess Iowa does really suck.
  149. Anybody have a Perfect Bracket after Yesterday
  150. Question
  151. Bracket Still Intact
  152. Max Scherzer
  153. Dodgers end Yanks' 15-year payroll streak
  154. USF Rescinds Contract Offer
  155. Sources: Cabrera lands 10-year, $300M deal
  156. Pro Bowl receiver Desean Jackson cut by Eagles
  157. Garnett & Melo
  158. Two years and six months ago
  159. Happy Birthday weazel079
  160. Help MASTER CALCUTTA AUCTION .......tonite
  161. HeartBleed Password Vulnerability
  162. Mind-boggling numbers for Milw Bucks sale; how much are franchises worth???
  163. Amber Alert - Kaptain
  164. Richmond race
  165. Anyone been watching the Money Talks with Steve Stevens?
  166. Heisman Champion Johnny Manziel Chosen 22nd by the Cleveland Browns
  167. Any Horse Players!
  168. Sorry BUT WTF Michael Sam?!?!?!
  169. Johnny Manziel's jersey a top seller
  170. Blake Griffin
  171. Michael Sam @ NFL Combine
  172. OKC's Ibaka (calf) likely out rest of playoffs
  173. site issues
  174. Cleveland Cavaliers ... AGAIN???
  175. MLB Closers
  176. Happy Birthday Lovedoc!
  177. Spark do not read this
  178. Game After a No-Hitter
  179. National Spelling Bee (Hilarious)
  180. NBA Finals Discussion
  181. MLB Draft
  182. Gatorade apologizes for the LeBron-related twitter posts
  183. Dale Jr. Wins Pocono
  184. What a clinic by the Spurs!!!
  185. NASCAR Quicken Loans 400 from Michigan International Speedway Contest
  186. Messi's late goal saves bettor $350K
  187. Tiger to return to competition next week
  188. LeBron opts out of deal to become an unrestricted free agent
  189. Happy Birthday kbsooner!!!!!!
  190. Mavericks, Knicks pull off big trade
  191. Wade and Bosh opt out to join Leeeebron
  192. Need Help Finding a new Sportsbook
  193. Why should the U.S. be proud? Of what .......
  194. We need a worthless/nobody gives a shit thread
  195. Cubs trade Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to the Oakland Athletics
  196. Browns' Josh Gordon arrested
  197. Lebron James going back to Cleveland
  198. LVH SuperContest...
  199. Boxing Tonight
  200. ESPN FC Cup Predictions
  201. Chandler Parsons to play for Mavs
  202. Luol Deng joining Heat
  203. Paul Pierce to Wizards on 2-year deal
  204. Pau Gasol tweets he's joining Bulls
  205. Rockets sign small forward Trevor Ariza to a four-year, $32 million contract
  206. Minneapolis, Minnesota 2014 All Star Game Matchup
  207. 10-year-old bet big for Gerry McIlroy
  208. Most Famous Person in the World
  209. Wtf is goin with bovada?
  210. Who Will Win the SEC this Season?
  211. Who Will Win the BIG 10 this Season?
  212. More Contests and More Moderators!
  213. Carl Edwards leaving Roush Fenway at the end of this season.
  214. Who Should Be the 1st Pick in Fantasy Football?
  215. R.I.P. Waynechung
  216. Big 12 Champion Odds
  217. Pac 12 Champion Odds
  218. ACC Champion Odds
  219. Pelini: Get rid of Signing Day
  220. Lester for Cespedes
  221. John Lackey to St. Louis for Joe Kelly & Allen Craig
  222. Source: Tigers land David Price in trade with Rays
  223. Boston trades Andrew Miller to O's and Stephen Drew to Yankees
  224. Asdrubal Cabrera traded to Nationals
  225. Was a 2 game suspension enough for Ray Rice?
  226. Report: Dustin Johnson banned for cocaine use
  227. Cowboys send out playoff tickets
  228. Paul George suffers serious injury
  229. Visibly hurting Tiger pulls out of Bridgestone
  230. We now have 2 more moderators jcindaville and kbsooner21
  231. Tony Stewart "fully cooperating" after fatal crash
  232. Anyone know why fat Papi didn't play today
  233. Mods
  234. Greg Oden charged with battery
  235. Athletes of which sport in your opinion are the biggest babies?
  236. New Moderator KazDog
  237. New Moderator!!!!!!!!
  238. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Patriots)
  239. Happy Birthday ANJAC
  240. NFL Free Survivor contest (Win a $100)
  241. NFL Free Survivor contest (Win a $100)
  242. NASCAR Contest - Bristol - Saturday Night
  243. KAPTAIN "Sails Again"
  244. Devante Parker Louisville Cards WR out 6-8 weeks
  245. Patriots trade All Pro Offensive Lineman Logan Mankins
  246. Michael Borovetz (The Most Intersting Gambling Story I've Ever Read)
  247. Please Welcome The Latest New Moderator in UDOG!
  248. Questions (for Monte, or whoever)
  249. DirecTV Sunday Ticket
  250. BettorsChat Hilton Style Contest