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  1. Corporate Profits 'Near-Historic' In Second Quarter, Thanks To Cost-Cutting
  2. Classical...Insider Selling to Buying 2,341 to 1
  3. Unemployed: Up Close and Personal
  4. President Obama's Aunt Zeituni Onyango
  5. Government paying Dead People and Prisoners stimulus money
  6. Invention of the Condom
  7. 2010: The year of politicking insanely
  8. New Foreclosure Suits Focus on the Lawyers
  9. Another Bank Crisis: Will Obama Save Homeowners From Wall Street’s Latest Fraud Schem
  10. Despite Health Care Reform, Insurers Still Dropping Policyholders
  11. ‘Are You Guys Eventually Going To Disclose?’ Chamber Responds Bluntly, ‘No!’
  12. Tough Shit Amigo
  13. Rethink Afghanistan- Election Fraud
  14. Hilarious-Hopefully it hasn't been posted yet.
  15. White House White Board: CEA Chair Austan Goolsbee Explains the Jobs Trends
  16. Insurance companies are on track to spend $5 million in CA insurance Commissioner's
  17. Election over / under
  18. Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things
  19. Muslims at it again
  20. smelling flowers after a person dies
  21. Whoppers of Campaign 2010
  22. O'Donnell Campaign Wants to "Crush" Station If They Play Bad Interview
  23. The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Comme
  24. Fucking Muslims Are A Peaceful
  25. Mohammed's first day of school
  26. Does Anyone Care That The Muslims
  27. Heaven and hell
  28. The Haircut
  29. Boycott Amazon.com For Selling A Book Promoting Pedophilia
  30. Global Warming
  31. The Better Business Bureau Gets an “F” Rating – Why Their Fraudulent ‘Pay-To-Play’ Ra
  32. "He died over a bag of marijuana."
  33. . John McCain is still threatening to hold the entire Department of Defense bill host
  34. Don't touch my junk' airport clip goes viral
  35. Charlie Rangel = crook
  36. The new nuclear arms treaty hangs in the balance as Senator Kyl moves to deny Obama a
  37. Less Than Half The Nation Knows That GOP Took Back The House: Pew Poll
  38. Planned Quran-burning could endanger troops, Petraeus warns
  39. Brilliant idea
  40. Missouri Ahead of the Game in Dealing with Illegal Immigrants
  41. The Design Argument For The Existence Of God
  42. Voter Flowchart....
  43. So Long To Ya, 2010
  44. The Moral Argument For The Existence Of God
  45. Obama signs 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal
  46. Chart and breakdown of the 6 corporations that own all the media outlets in the US
  47. Obama calls Eagles owner to congratulate him for hiring Vick!
  48. Want to Save More Than 100 Animals This Year?
  49. 1 in 7 Americans now on Food Stamps - too many government handouts??
  50. What non-sense
  51. Wish you were here? President spends $1.5m on his holiday in Hawaii... while the rest
  52. It's time to raise the bar on Republican obstruction
  53. Incoming House GOP chairmen have a long list of issues to investigate
  54. John P. Wheeler III, early supporter of Vietnam Memorial found dead in Delaware landf
  55. Rep. Darrell Issa's wild accusations are hurtful - to his own reputation
  56. Today is a good day
  57. Tighten the border??? Nah.... Let's help them out
  58. Labor leader ex-con trumpka admits his real agenda
  59. Hopefully No One At This Forum Falls Into This Category
  60. Muslim KFC Employee Flips Out When Customer Asks For Bacon
  61. Oil's surge in 2010 paves the way for $4 gasoline
  62. Did Dupnik dismiss Loughner threat?
  63. Cop caught on video kicking man suspended
  64. Dangers of Smoking during Pregnancy
  65. Dire Straits' song should be censored, council rules
  66. FACTS about US Inflation
  67. Illinois faces 66 percent tax boost amid budget crisis
  68. Without a doubt, all Bush's fault
  69. Are you as sick of sarah palin
  70. Vitamin D, Fluoride, and Vaccines: The Common Theme
  71. Create Jobs Now
  72. Banking whistleblower hands over offshore secrets to WikiLeaks - video
  73. "Stupak on Steroids" introduced in the House
  74. Cop Punches 53 Year Old woman
  75. Salesman fired for wearing Packers tie
  76. Egypt
  77. How a stimulus works
  78. SOTU Speech Includes 24 Mentions of Job Creation but Calls on Congress to Pass NAFTA-
  79. Three Years in Prison for Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Is Too Little
  80. Duke Professor arrested for raping his 5-year-old adopted son
  81. They rapin errbody out here
  82. Racist Sheila Jackson Upset Over Interracial Superbowl Pepsi Ad
  83. egypt
  84. Sentencing the shoe bomber
  85. Poster Savage
  86. Scientists say Earth will be unrecognizable by 2050
  87. Beaten Robbed And Humiliated At Strip Club
  88. Price of gas In Game thread
  89. You think gas is high now...just hang on and watch S
  90. So glad i got out of here. Minority racist stories and stupid obama
  91. NAACP disrespects George Washington at MLK rally
  92. Working the system
  93. Herman Cain for President in 2012
  94. Chicago public schools bans lunches brought from home
  95. bIN lADEN dEAD
  96. Steelers baffled by Mendenhall’s controversial Bin Laden remarks
  97. FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck's show
  98. Senate official: Wrong to link bin Laden, Geronimo
  99. Stop The Foreign Takeover Of America
  100. 92% Of Americans Get The Money-Corruption Connection..Now Will Obama?
  101. ‘Torture Memo’ Author John Yoo: Killing Osama Bin Laden Was A Mistake
  102. The Employment Situation in April
  103. Red Blooded American LSU students defend the flag
  104. Straight From the Horse's Mouth re:Rapture Day
  105. Poll Question About the End of the World
  106. Watch this video .. hypocrisy at its best
  107. Teens Riot In Manhattan Businesses
  108. Texas House Bans Offensive Security Pat-Downs
  109. Which type is your favorite poster
  110. Texas to Layoff 100,000 Teachers While Giving Millions to Formula One Racing
  111. Good To Be back With You All
  112. Napolitano- What an Intellect
  113. Pelosi must love Weiner
  114. Spelling Bee Champ
  115. MLB warns teams about Chicago violence
  116. Rep. Weiner to resign over sexting scandal
  117. Harry Reid: Republicans Don’t Care About Americans
  118. Poll: 3 in 10 sure they'll vote Obama
  119. Who Needs Two Lines of Credit At Tiffany’s? Newt Gingrich
  120. The Republican vision for America is downright catastrophic. They’ll hold the econo
  121. Are We Giant Suckers? While the US Blows Money on the Military, Europe Spends Dough o
  122. Hit and Run Video
  123. New Prayer
  124. End Corporate Welfare
  125. C​aptioned Photos
  126. LAPD eases impound policy for illegal immigrants
  127. 2 Thieves Stealing A Sack Of Potatoes In Kenya & Get Burned Alive
  128. Obama couldn't stop execution in Texas
  129. The Obama Legacy
  130. Fan Who Caught Jeter's 3,000th Hit May Owe IRS Thousands
  131. George Bush's Legacy
  132. Are You Kidding Me?? Now They Are Teaching Gay History??
  133. Debt Ceiling Holy War: Why Do Conservatives Have Unshakable Faith in Ideas That Are T
  134. Are Republicans Committing Treason?
  135. Atlanta TV Station Breaks Big Story - National Disgrace
  136. Mom convicted in son’s jaywalking death
  137. President's Tuesday Speech to the Nation
  138. INteresting Factoid- How much is the National Debt
  139. Ms. Bachmann is a hypocrite
  140. Casey Anthony gets offer from Hustler
  141. This my friends, is your President speaking
  142. I Can't Be Out Of Money
  143. Judge Judy - Here's Who You Support With Taxes
  144. Census 2010 Update
  145. Elaborate welfare housing project
  146. Vols Fan and KBSooner are smarter than Y'all think we are!!!
  147. Obama's economic plan TBA September
  148. Pretty accurate assesment:
  149. Police: La. man decapitated disabled son, 7
  150. Obama's Base
  151. Felonious Munk
  152. What's up with Obama's CT Social Security #
  153. Bill Clinton announces support for Bachman
  154. I'd just bet you never saw this on any news report!
  155. Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Tricked Out of $3M Lottery Win Will Collect Prize
  156. Walgreens Employee Fired For Pulling Out Weapon On Gunman
  157. Flight on 9/11 anniversary ends in handcuffs for housewife
  158. Keep america safe & free › usa patriot act
  159. John Voight calls out Barack Obama
  160. Google Spying on Cell Phone Users
  161. Just The Facts: Republicans Falsely Claim Obama Seeks Biggest Tax Hike In History
  162. Poll: 73 Percent Support ‘The Buffett Rule’, Including 66 Percent Of Republicans
  163. No Confidence Men: 62 Percent Have Little Or No Confidence In GOP Leaders On Debt
  164. Archie nailed it!!!
  165. No Hank Jr MNF intro tonight
  166. Stop the Colombia-Korea-Panama FTA Trifecta!
  167. Where is the media outrage?
  168. Will he care about Unemployment at any point before he leaves office?
  169. CIA agent: I was sent to get bin Laden's head
  170. The Top 100 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy
  171. Obama Has Now Increased Debt More than All Presidents from George Washington Through
  172. Nearly Half of U.S. Lives in Household Receiving Government Benefit
  173. In BOs OWN words...Three years of History
  174. Leys Talk Capitalism with the Occupy Crowd
  175. TRENDING: Ron Paul wins both tallies at GOP straw poll in Iowa
  176. Herman Cain
  177. Must watch, wow rick perry...
  178. Last 2 episodes of 60 minutes
  179. 'No hiring until Obama's gone'
  180. Hey Cashmoney
  181. A Charitable Appeal: PLEASE Help the Needy this Holiday Season
  182. Us bailing out europe....are you kidding me?
  183. Somebody's Gotta Pay for My Kids and Me
  184. Open letter to house dems- p/r tax cut
  185. Credo fought to end the war in iraq. At&t helped elect bush-cheney
  186. Whose Opinion of the Courts Matters to the GOP?
  187. It’s Time For Clarence Thomas To Recuse Himself
  188. Urgent: Keep Keystone XL and polluter perks out of payroll tax cut bill
  189. Ron Paul on Michele Bachmann: ‘She Hates Muslims’
  190. The politics of the unemployment rate — in one chart!
  191. American public to Congress: Get out. All of you.
  192. How the GOP Will Unravel the Payroll Tax Break Tonight, Screwing the Middle Class the
  193. House Postpones Vote on Payroll Tax Cut Extension
  194. Great going, Florida
  195. Obama's coke and blow job buddy talkin again
  196. The Day The Dems Took Over
  197. Why the Iowa Caucuses -- and the GOP Clowns Competing in Them -- Are a Total Joke
  198. Who Needs Voter ID Laws
  199. U.S. Marines Urinate On Dead Taliban Bodies (Video)
  200. Key & Peele: Obama Loses His SH*T
  201. Gingrich? R you fuckin' kidding ?
  202. Mitt's Problem with GOP Conservatives
  203. Transcript of GA Obama Eligibility Hearing
  204. Lying manipulation- 8.3% unemployment...right
  205. Real story on inflation
  206. Obama's Aunt
  207. Obama At Bat
  208. Are You Kidding Me?
  209. Bill Requiring Drug Testing For Oklahoma Welfare Recipients Advances
  210. Obama Plays Race Card
  211. Confirmed Obama birth certicate is a fake
  212. DC Orders 450 MILLION rounds of ammo
  213. Are you in the black panther race war
  214. Early Presidential Pick (Easy Money)
  215. Think this guy has it all covered
  216. Illegals getting bigger refunds than you
  217. Obama Affirms His Support for Same Sex Marriage
  218. Football coach fired for a song he wrote and played!
  219. A wager for the 2 Inbreds!
  220. Size of Govt vs Economic Growth
  221. Drop down boxes you must click
  222. New Rules for Bill Maher's Mets
  223. Is it Time to Question: Has the Administration Committed Treason??
  224. Obama in trouble - help save him!
  225. Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare!!!!
  226. June job report: Hiring weak,unemploymen unchanged
  227. Paul Ryan is Romneys pick for VP!!!
  228. Please explain this idiot Obama to me DEMS!!
  229. Why do these Republican douchbags ever speak?
  230. islam, the "Religon of Peace" Beheads 17 for Listening to Music
  231. Anyone heard anything about this?
  232. The Movie: 2016 Trailer
  233. I know Republicans are forced to hate John Stewart but this is so dead on
  234. Obama's mideast failure
  235. Death Religion:Muslim Protesters Angry over anti-Islam film Storm US Embassy in Yemen
  236. ACLU - Father Daughter dances stopped in RI
  237. Presidential Election ... Keep it in here !!!!!
  238. Obama Phone
  239. Evolution Revolution Osama Obama WTFE
  240. Gasoline Prices
  241. so what would you do?
  242. Poll: Who Will Be the Next President?
  243. Obama to block Iran from nuclear weapons
  244. A Conversation with Bernie Marcus
  245. Thank you Carolina
  246. Please Vote
  247. Question?????
  248. Petition Needs Signing
  249. Obamacare
  250. People who pry for our troops to come home