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  1. Seattle Officer: "I am Going to Beat the F-u-c-k-ing Mexican Piss Out of You Homey".
  2. dick cheney haliburton and bp and 34 million and oil slick
  3. foreclosures drop
  4. Eric Holder hasn't even read the immigration bill??????
  5. republicans trying to protect big business once again. BRITISH PETROLEUM
  6. RIP Ethan
  7. 61 Senators Perpetuate "Too Big to Fail"
  8. Things just keep gettin better
  9. AZ Sonoran Desert, outside Tucson, AZ
  10. question
  11. Another hypocrite conservative
  12. Tea party express at its best.
  13. Politics 101(pa 12)
  14. Rush Said What?!
  15. Thank Apple for Ditching Fox News!
  16. Global Warming ... Is it really happening or no?
  17. Smart Americans ditch MSNBC
  18. The republicans think we should pay for major oil spills.republicans luv big business
  19. Top Political Prognosticators Predict GOP Unlikely To Take Over House In November
  20. TRENDING: Clinton: Rich aren't paying fair share
  21. House votes to end 'don't ask, don't tell' policy
  22. Tavis Smiley: More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People Every Single Day
  23. Isreali attack humanitarian vessel
  24. British Petroleum rep Randy Prescott said: “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has
  25. Live from the Ocean Floor: New Oil Leak Widget Features 'Spillcam'
  26. Why no thread on rep kirk
  27. Morris: Obama doesn’t have a clue
  28. Sheriff Joe is at it again!
  29. Gulf Oil Spill (PHOTOS): Animals In Peril
  30. Bush's Glib Waterboarding Admission Sparks Outrage
  31. It's Always a Bad Year to Get Out of Afghanistan
  32. Weekly Address: Speaking from Louisiana on the Oil Spill
  33. Floridians to BP: Where Are the Clean-up Crews?
  34. Don't expect Obama to be Superman
  35. Back To The Future: Boehner's Recipe For Recovery Same As Bush's
  36. Pelosi: We Can Stop Blaming Bush 'When The Problems Go Away' (VIDEO)
  37. the great one is going to improve the USA's relations with other countries.
  38. Beck attacks Obama's family. Again.
  39. U.S. to Demand BP Fund
  40. Key cuts to healthcare waste saves $3.6 trillion
  41. Obama takes aim at Republicans on healthcare
  42. Lawmakers blast oil firms' drilling plans
  43. MSNBC Trashes Obama: Compared To Carter, 'I Don't Sense Executive Command'
  44. Bachmann Blasts 'Redistribution Of Wealth' Escrow Fund, Says BP Shouldn't Be 'Chumps'
  45. FOR VITTERD-the right wing militia leader-were coming for your ass !!!!
  46. The Bad News About ObamaCare Keeps Piling Up
  47. Congressman to BP: "I apologize"
  48. To Pray or not to Pray?
  49. Obama biggest recipient of BP cash
  50. Middle Class Is Abandoning Obama
  51. BP's CEO Plays Dumb During Congressional Hearings
  52. We Deserve Some Answers
  53. Obama Admin. Argues in Court That Individual Mandate Is a Tax
  54. Steve Bridges imitates Obama
  55. Don't Let BP Get Away With It!
  56. Millions Skipping Life-Saving Cancer Treatments Over Cost
  57. Desperate Woman Shoots Herself for Healthcare
  58. You didn't think the health care crisis was over, did you?
  59. Future looks bleak for Gulf: Alaska STILL hasn't recovered from Exxon Valdez disaster
  60. Exxon CEO Admits to Lying to Regulators
  61. ROV films oil leak coming from rock cracks on seafloor.
  62. Foot, Meet Mouth: Our Top Six GOP Oil Spill Gaffes
  63. How come no one is talking about the missing Afghan soldiers?
  64. Social Security History
  65. Borrowers exit troubled Obama mortgage program
  66. Judge blocks Gulf offshore drilling moratorium
  67. Taking Our Country Back - Glenn Beck, Karl Rove, John Rich
  68. A GOP chorus of Joe Bartons on the BP oil spill
  69. Gasland: A Shale Drilling Exposé (video)
  70. We Need To Wean Ourselves From Our Dirty Oil Addiction
  71. Republicans Kill Jobs Bill
  72. Gen. McChrystal Sounds Off. Should It Be Tolerated?
  73. BP burning endangered sea turtles alive
  74. what the hell is wrong with politicians?apologizing to bp, saying no to unemployed
  75. BP's Alaska Liberty Well Subject to New Offshore Safety Rules, U.S. Says
  76. U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study
  77. For the G-20, order is restored with America's leadership
  78. Obama: Tax Big Banks to Recover ‘Every Dime’ from Bailouts
  79. Signs should help!
  80. Come to the USA!
  81. Not Paying Attention to Afghanistan?
  82. Incompetence catches Obama.. Can't fake leadership
  83. Why Dems should hate, and the GOP should love, Elena Kagan
  84. BP Spills Coffee
  85. Obama’s promise to bankrupt coal industry to cost 1,000 jobs in upper Midwest
  86. U.S. Congress Waking Up To Another Oil Disaster
  87. How We Subsidize A Mega-Rich Industry That Destroys Us
  88. Nine Real Ways You Can Stand Up To BP
  89. Goodyear to have "Support Our Troops" on NASCAR tires this weekend at Daytona
  90. Biden: 'No Possibility' of Restoring Lost Jobs
  91. Help Shut Down Puppy Mills:
  92. Oil industry subsidies for dummies
  93. Republican Senators Blocks Homeless Veterans Bill
  94. GOP Chooses Tax Cuts for Billionaires Over Jobless Benefits for the Unemployed
  95. John Boehner: Raise Retirement Age To 70; Wall Street Reform Is Like 'Killing An An
  96. Obama Targets Republicans on Reform
  97. Boehner: More War, Less Security
  98. Stuck on Stupid: Big Oil Says NO to Green Jobs
  99. Montana Bear Tragedy
  100. Clayton's Story
  101. Mayor Daley lays out strict gun rules for Chicago
  102. Beyond Bullets: Combating Gun Violence in NYC Schools (VIDEO)
  103. Congressional Report Claims Administration Misled About Efforts on Oil Spill
  104. Enforce Anti-Puppy Mill Law
  105. 40 Million Doses of H1N1 Vaccine Will Be Burned, $260 million written off as trash
  106. Why our Prez had to use recess appt
  107. A Harley biker
  108. Rand Paul To America's Poor: You Don't Have It So Bad (VIDEO)
  109. Charlie Daniels
  110. Gulf Coast Residents Angry Over Oil Dumped In Local Landfill
  111. 80 Percent of Rape Kits Go Untested In Illinois
  112. Chicago's tough new gun ordinance goes into effect
  113. Limbaugh makes good on promise: sells NYC digs for $11.5 million
  114. When will this end? BP Oil Spill Costs Estimated To Cut Tax Bill By $10 Billion
  115. Nearly 6 in 10 Lack Confidence in Obama to Make Right Decisions
  116. Muslims in NY want school holidays
  117. Rand Paul Faces Backlash After Suggesting That America's Poor Don't Have It That Bad
  118. Clash over proposed Ground Zero mosque
  119. Mel Gibson Says He'll Burn Down House After Demanding Sex
  120. Two resumes
  121. Why is David Duval...
  122. Fox "news" at it again
  123. HE says Stimulus Bill "Working as Intended"
  124. The National Debt Road Trip
  125. Fox News Tonight @ 9PM
  126. # of dead US troops in afghanistan
  127. Dems surge to 6 point lead
  128. must listen
  129. Illustration of the Budget.....take a minute and thirty eight seconds to watch
  130. to the guys who hang out in this forum talking politics ?
  131. Can you pass the US Citizenship Test?
  132. lockerbie bomber released
  133. larry summers changes his tune
  134. Why is BP photoshopping these pictures?
  135. Sarah palin's greatest hits.......enjoy
  136. It's not too late Obama people, now they make BS remover! What a product!
  137. right back into the sub prime business
  138. Our Racist President? Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures
  139. Mass. Sen. Kerry docks yacht in RI, saving $500K
  140. Mel Gibson's Latest Rant To Oksana: Go Have Sex In Front Of Your Son
  141. WikiLeaks Founder On Afghan War Diary: Evidence Of War Crimes In Leaked Documents
  142. Deportations up under obama
  143. webb right on the money about race!
  144. The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it
  145. GM Electric Car - Volt, would you buy it for 41K?
  146. Bear Kills 1 Person, Injures 2 Others at Campground Near Yellowstone
  147. 10 Riskiest Cities For Homeowners
  148. Leaked Memo Shows Obama Admin Conspiring to Implement Amnesty
  149. I miss you Volsfan
  150. Lou Dobbs Opposes GOP Push To Repeal The 14th Amendment Over Immigration (VIDEO)
  151. BP's Next Disaster: Are You Going to Stop it Before it Starts?
  152. why the hell are we helping pakistan?
  153. Why I'm Not Hiring
  154. Stop Google And Verizon From Setting Our Public Internet Policy
  155. 1,200 Crosses Say No to Afghanistan War
  156. New claims for unemployment aid reach 484K
  157. How george bush increased the debt larger than any president in the history
  158. lance armstrong a f...ing fraud
  159. Hal turner neocon wanted 3 chicago judeges killed because of gun ban.
  160. 'Craigslist Killer' Philip Markoff Commits Suicide
  161. Michigan school practices 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. for Ramadan
  162. Obama's mosque duty
  163. Special-interest spending surges in state Supreme Court campaigns
  164. Gates's lonely battle to rationalize the Pentagon
  165. Did Obama Really Swim in the Gulf?
  166. Battle over profits
  167. A Great Man Vs Not So Greats
  168. fringe right winged neocons the reason i left the republican party 5 here
  169. Muslim employee suing Disneyland over headwear
  170. Sarah Palin Said What? The 15 Craziest 'Palinisms'
  171. Sharron Angle Campaigned Against Black Football Jerseys On Religious Grounds: Color
  172. Daniel Ellsberg: "The Most Dangerous Man in America" to Visit the Hamptons
  173. Wanted: A few stand-up candidates
  174. From Paul Ryan, a plan that isn't (AKA Ryan is republican)
  175. an interesting story but true........
  176. Where are the Republicans who will reject pandering and prejudice?
  177. The Ground Zero mosque must be built
  178. Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me
  179. Musclemann's "Training" Partner
  180. Sarah Palin's Endorsement Woes Continue
  181. Republican vs Democratic Women
  182. Obama's Islamic agenda
  183. Images from Pakistan flooding
  184. Don Rickles!
  185. Republicans RULE
  186. With consumers slow to spend, businesses are slow to hire
  187. are the neocons searching this hard? did obama swim in gulf?
  188. What a combo!!
  189. Who is Ed Mezvinsky you ask?
  190. Anti-Semitic Incident at Ground Zero Mosque Counter Protest
  191. National Black Police Association Endorses Marijuana Legalization
  192. Life in Prison for Half an Ounce of Cannabis?!?!
  193. Mission, Kansas is taxing driveways
  194. republicans not in charge of republican party anymore!
  195. Interesting tour of the Capitol
  196. Faux News
  197. More Bad Economic News, Yet Here Comes ANOTHER Wall Street Bail Out
  198. Name change from bettorschat to politicalchat
  199. Fire Your Entire Economic Team
  200. How the Stimulus Is Changing America
  201. Tiger's loose
  202. LA authorities plan to use heat-beam ray in jail
  203. all time lowest approval rating for any president
  204. The five worst presidents in the history of the united states
  205. efaw, Breaking News from Cubs Camp
  206. Tony LaRussa & Albert Pujols participates at Glen Beck Rally
  207. Boomer the Dog
  208. Beck Regrets Calling Obama a 'Racist,' Rules Out 2012 Run with Palin
  209. Sunday 8/29/10 Find, view and share videos about news and entertainment from around
  210. NYC mosque debate will shape American Islam
  211. 7 US troops killed in latest Afghanistan fighting
  212. Katrina 5 years later
  213. Fast Facts About Dr. Charles Krauthammer , MD
  214. Are you surprised Obama pointed blame at Bush during his Katrina speech?
  215. Iraqis approach end of US combat role with worry
  216. I'm no CPA, but is this correct???
  217. Man Already Knows Everything He Needs To Know About Muslims
  218. When will President Obama stop blaming Bush???
  219. Guess The Member
  220. Rick Sanchez Apologizes
  221. This Week In Memoriam - Aug 29, 2010
  222. Boycott FOX News Advertisers
  223. God was Busy
  224. Jesse Jackson's Gas-Guzzling Escalade Stolen After "Green Jobs" Rally
  225. Thanking Americans
  226. Hartford City Council to start meeting with Muslim Prayer
  227. BP Shuns Oil-spill Blame, Latest Gulf Explosion Linked to Lax Oversight
  228. Focus On Jobs
  229. How Obama Thinks
  230. Was 911 terrorists or our own government?
  231. Koran burner Derek Fenton booted from his job at NJ Transit
  232. $800,000 of Economic Stimulus on African Genital-Washing Program
  233. Walruses Head for Land as Ice Disappears (Video) posted by: Cris Popenoe 17 hours ago
  234. O'Donnell "Dabbled" In Witchcraft? posted by: Robin Marty 23 hours ago
  235. Photos of a Girl's Gang-Rape Go Viral on Facebook posted by: Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux 1
  236. Fired for Anti-Obama Song?
  237. Message to Obama..."I'm exhausted defending you!"
  238. Exposed: Christine O'Donnell Using Campaign Funds to Pay Rent
  239. When the Republicans Lie About Health Care, We Have to Fight Back
  240. Health Insurance Changes Come Too Late For Some
  241. Health Law Myths: Outside The Realm Of Reality
  242. 100 Department Stores Go Solar
  243. How Crazy is the Iranian President?
  244. “It was offensive. It was hateful, and particularly for him to make the statement her
  245. The GOP's 'Pledge to America': a closer look at the details
  246. Fearing a soaring deficit, many analysts favor letting Bush tax cuts expire
  247. No charges for woman who shot boy, 12
  248. Bank of America delays Foreclosures
  249. California reduces possession of marijuana
  250. OT: K2, its fake marijuana they sell at gas stations in VA